DJ’s NORTH knows that your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. That’s why we tailor the music to fit your needs and your groups’ musical tastes. We make YOU the star of the show.

Before the big day, DJ’s NORTH will either meet with you in person or talk with you extensively about the music that you may or may not want played. We’ll plan in advance the very important songs that you choose for things like the bridal dance and the dance with father/mother. Whether or not you want a garter toss, blessing for the meal or would like us to coordinate activities like champagne toasts and cake-cutting with your catering staff, we will make sure that those details are covered before hand. Some wedding couples like things like the chicken dance, macarena or the hokey pokey. If you’d like this, we’ll happily accomodate your requests; if not, we stay away from the same.

Generally, we like to be at your reception site before your guests arrive. Not only does this keep us from disrupting your reception, but it enables us to to play background and/or dinner music, providing a wonderful ambiance. As the evening progresses, we’ll pick up the tempo and have you and your guests dancing to a wide variety of music so that everyone enjoys themselves.

Upon occasion, a bride and groom may have a special song or songs that they would like played. If it’s something obscure that we can not find, couples are encouraged to bring their own copy and we will use it. Though we arrive at a reception with approximately 2,000 songs to choose from, we can not anticipate every song a group would want, but we do our best!

No matter your taste, we promise to make sure that the Music is Just Perfect.