DJ’s North proudly uses the Bose™ L1 Model II loudspeaker system.


The Bose L1 Model II is the most advanced loudspeaker system in the industry. Thanks to its unique design, the sound travels farther and has a wider dispersion. Why does this matter? Well, it means we can provide clean sound to the room without having to “blast out” the people close to the speakers. Here’s a representation:






Articulated Array





Bose accomplishes this by utilizing Spatial Dispersion™ and Articulated Array® speaker technologies. Unlike conventional loudspeakers which, generally, utilize a single tweeter and midrange driver, the Bose L1 Model II incorporates 24 small drivers arranged using Articulated Array speaker technology in a slim, vertical enclosure—creating nearly 180 degrees of horizontal coverage and consistent tonal balance.










In addition to the quality of the sound, these speaker columns are visually appealing which cannot be discounted in a wedding environment. When trying to create an elegant affair you spend hours picking out the perfect colors, linens, centerpieces, etc. The last thing you want is for your visual aesthetics to be ruined by some huge gaudy wall of speakers.  Can you spot the L1 in the picture to the right?













For more information, feel free to watch this video: